There are different ways to help a golf student. For example, standard lessons of 25 or 50 minutes. But you can also choose for more advanced lessons that focus on technical, mental and physical skills or on the adjustment and optimization of your golf material. An overview of the possibilities:

  • Group lessons and courses on different levels
  • Video recordings, 3 Bays and Trackman swing analyses
  • Course lessons in the short and long course; with the possibility for video analysis
  • Golf clinics and theme trainings
  • Golf weekends and golf travel; besides training also golfing on different courses under supervision
  • Online golf lessons will also be possible in the future

Together we will make an analysis and put together a plan to accomplish your goals. The student gets clear and bio mechanic responsible exercises. See an overview of the rates underneath.

1 person 25 minutes 30 euro
1 persons 50 minutes 55 euro
2 persons 25 minutes 35 euro
2 persons 50 minutes 65 euro
3 persons 50 minutes 69 euro
4 persons 50 minutes 74 euro
5 persons 50 minutes 80 euro
6 persons 50 minutes 87 euro

Actions and subscriptions

Payments in advance and planning a series of lessons gives you the possibility to get a discount. Inform for the possibilities by calling, filling in my form on this website or meet me personally.