My name is Patrick Bourgonje and I was born in The Hague, located in The Netherlands. Since a young age I have been passionate about sports. After playing a couple of seasons of soccer and ice hockey, where I especially enjoyed the team spirit and the competition element, I practised martial arts for a while: Tai chi and Tae kwondo. The mental aspect, dynamics and control regarding the motions caught my attention.

Already after the first wave on a surfboard it got me excited about this water sport. The pure energy and freedom about it always have been a great pleasure. Windsurfing and wave surfing is in my blood. After the first national title, when I was 16 years of age, followed 7 years on the PWA professional Tour. I accomplished several top ten results and gained a lot of traveling and life experience. The Tour was worldwide: Hawaii, Japan, the Caribbean, Canary and Pacific Islands are examples of the locations we visited.

During the days without wind and waves I got into the wonderful game of golf. Because of my background in ice hockey, my game improved quickly. After hitting some nice golf shots I was sure this was going to be my new passion. After retiring from my windsurf career I played golf at a national and amateur level on the Ordina and Ormit Golf Tour. This gave me the opportunity to play in nice golf courses and tournaments in The Netherlands, Germany and Spain.

I started a fun and healthy business after my windsurf career with a number of own brands. It was a pleasure to go through all the motions businesswise regarding the production, design, import, export, sales, distribution and marketing.

The game of golf started to become more exciting for me and after a couple of good seasons in the FMCG business I was ready for a new challenge. I sold my own business including the surfing brands. This financial return enabled me to pay for my golf education at Fontys. After this I started working as a golf teacher full of enthusiasm. Firstly, at the cosy Omnisport association the Kieviten and from 2005 fulltime at the Kagerzoom golf club located in Warmond, where I am still working today with lots of pleasure.

Due to PGA schooling, Trackman, TPI and studying new techniques it is possible to keep evolving. That’s my motivation; to keep working full of enthusiasm. Now a days, I am organizing – since a couple of years – golf holidays to nice locations around the world. Golf travel is a good way to have golf students longer under my supervision to make them improve quickly in the game of golf. That’s what this work is about: teaching people getting the most out of their abilities. That’s my drive.

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Since 2004 I am working as a PGA professional and have been enjoying this work every day. It is great to help people, that all have different capabilities, to improve their golf game. It is my goal to have golf students that keep progressing and have fun in combination with having a psychically responsible swing. Skilled, open, friendly, patient and driven is how people describe me on the golf course. I will always work hard to keep my skills up-to-date and to show 100 percent perseverance.